Original Episodes Edit

  1. Fred on Halloween: Fred's Mom leaves him alone on Halloween, but he is told not to wipe his nose with his elbow or use his Mom's camera!
  2. Fred on St. Patrick's Day: Fred turns his entire video green, for St. Patrick's Day, but he also tells us what happened after Halloween!
  3. Fred Goes to the Park: Fred goes to the park, after Fred's Mom has a hangover, but he finds a dog named Sparky!
  4. Fred on the 4th: Fred makes some fireworks on the 4th!
  5. Fred Gets Babysat: Fred's getting babysat by a weirdo!
  6. Fred on Halloween 2: Its halloween again! Fred has dressed up as a pirate this time! And is less nervous!
  7. Fred on Christmas: Fred stays up late and meets Santa!
  8. Fred on Valantines Day: Fred texts Judy on his new device!