Fred 3: Camp Fred is the sequel to Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred,


Fred wakes up excited about it being the last day of school, then after school, him and Bertha discuss what eachother are going to do over the holidays, Bertha says she's gonna listen to music, but Fred says that he is going to Camp Superior, with Horses, Water Slides and maybe even Monkey Butlers! Fred gets punched by Bertha twice for thinking about camp, the second time, he says he's thinking of how cool it would be to have Monkey Butlers! Fred starts getting ready, but his mom says that his Camp IWANNAPEEPEE Bus will be there soon, Fred keeps telling his Mom that his camp is called Camp Superior, his Mom says that she had a look at Camp Superior but it looks too expensive! Fred gets mad, but his Mom tells him that you can't judge anything because of their name! Fred runs away from the bus, he eventually gets dragged into it!


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