Fredrick "Logan Taylor" Figglehorn
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Vital statistics
Title Fred Figglehorn
Gender Male
Race American
Health Healthy
Status Alive

Frederick "Logan" Figglehorn is a 17 year old boy with a heart full of adventure. He's high-spirited, crazy, and sweet.


Fred usually wears suspenders and a yellow striped shirt. He has brown hair and brown eyes and is usually smiling. In his videos, he usually wears a Fred shirt and pants


Fred is mentally psychotic, crazy, happy, hilarious, and adventurous. Fred's quirky personality can make him fun, but at times it can get him and his few friends into trouble, or annoy others. Most people find him annoying, but his few friends would never leave him alone in sticky situations (he seems to get into a lot of them!). He seems to have a huge imagination, for he often goes to his "dad in the fridge" for advice, and in the second movie he thought his music teacher was a vampire. He is usually happy, unless Kevin gets in the way!


Kevin: (friends) Kevin is Fred's arch-nemesis. Kevin has done many mean things to make Fred miserable, such as embarrass him in front of his crush, Judy

Bertha: (friend, possible crush) Bertha is Fred's best friend and sidekick. She is one of the few people to understand Fred's personality.

Judy: (friend, ex-crush, ex-girlfriend) Judy and Fred used to date, but Judy broke up with Fred, she has not been seen since the first movie.

Talia: (possible crush) Little is known about Talia and Fred's relationship. Talia is known to help Fred, so the two may have gained a relationship.


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